Moth searches for Truth.  We approach art, story and performance with an open, uninhibited method.


Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. We encourage artists to use this method, release their own blocks and allow their art and craft to come to life at Moth. We explore and share this approach across drama, art, film and music by cultivating community through workshops, classes and shows. New work by artists of all genres will be given consideration. We embrace change.


managing partners


John Markland
Justin Huen
Scoot Mcnairy
Zach Shields
Amanda Brooks
Kris Lemche
Jonathan Tucker
Wes Chatham
Julie Mond
Addison Timlin
Max Barsness
Lili Bordan
Scott Dunn
Jason Kennedy
Ryan Surratt
Angela Sarafyan
Korbis Sarafyan
Sandra Seacat
Thurn Hoffman
Rami Malek
Sam Whitton
Ned Leibl
Sasha Barrie
Chad Donnella
Lana Parrilla
Laura Beckner
Preston Acuff
Felicty Price
Christopher Marquete
John Crigliano
Christian Nurse
Jordan Masterson
Joey Capone
Caitlyn Folley
Diane Gaeta
Dov Tieffenbach
Noaz Deshe
Whitney Able
Allison Macatee
Brenda Davidson