Turning Page

Written & performed by Angelica Page
Directed by Wilson Milam

I began developing Turning Page, under the direction of Tony nominated Wilson Milam in 2012 after years of avoiding the subject: Unearthing my late mother, Geraldine Page. I grew up in the center of her sparkling career which earned her a record-breaking eight Academy Award-nominations and made her one of the most influential and celebrated American artists of the 20th century. I also witnessed her personal life which was marred by loss and tragedy. As her only daughter I feel compelled to share her lessons and gifts with others who did and diid not have the opportunity to know her magic intimately. She was a true rebel and trail blazer. A masterful woman who was indeed ahead of her time and should not be forgotten anytime soon. -- Angelica Page



Turning Page
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Entrance for the theatre is in the alleyway behind the theatre off of Heliotrope